Many people ask me what do you do when you travel! ? or How do you like to travel!

Here are some must dos during my travels

Explore local cuisine

I have no food restrictions whatsoever, So I visit the local food shops in the town and try out authentic cuisine! Nope, I dont get a spoiled tummy that easily, having developed good resistance growing up in india.

Take a walking tour

Its a great way to meet new people and learn about history of a city

Stay at an Airbnb or a local’s house

I couchsurf or stay at an Airbnb. I avoid hotels for their monotonicity. Locals guide you to places you never knew existed on those travel guides.

Stay at a strategic location.

Every city has a main central railway station or a bus station. Since my travels are mainly for exploratory purposes I stay close to them as there is better connectivity to places around.

Visit One offbeat attraction

Yes , touristy attractions are on my list but I make sure I go to one location which isnt on the list

Put my DSLR to good use

As they say a picture is a memory captured in time.

Document my day

I take notes about quirky facts. I write down what I did during the day as it comes in handy doe my blog or to tell my friends later!

One of my favorite travel quote:

Travel -It gives you a home in thousand strange lands and leaves you a stranger in your own!

What are your travel must dos?! 

Write them in the comments below!