So you want to start running! Not sure where to start

Here is a guide to all those contemplating taking up running as a hobby

1. Get a arm band or a sling bag to keep your phone

  • Do not run without your phone (Unsafe)
  • Do not run with your phone in hand( Unsafe again, you will drop it)
  • Do not put it in pocket. It will keep juggling when you run and hit against your knees or thighs

Invest in one such band where you can carry some cash, your keys and phone

2. Get a tracking app or a watch

Use free apps like Strava to track where you run. It will give you a fair idea of your timing and distance traveled

I have a Garmin watch that tracks my steps. it comes in handy during runs, it tells me my pace per km, distance I have run and it syncs it with my phone.

3. Right Apparel and shoes

Invest in good running shoes. Wear sweat absorbing clothing. You will feel comfortable during and after the run. The Nike/Adidas running pants you buy totally worth it. Girls- Please wear a sports bra when you run.

4. Start slow and steady

  • Dont push it else you will give up at once
  • Dont just run a 5K without practice. You will feel so exhausted you wont feel like running again

Run 2k , Run on a treadmill but start slow and keep steady

5. Participate in Runs

There will always be runs going on in the city. Sign up so you will have a target to work towards

6.Hydrate yourself- Before and after the run

Take lots of fluids before and after you run

7. Just get out there and run

Some wait for the perfect time to start running. They just keep looking for motivation. There is no time better than now.

Start humbly- Put on your shoes, some running shirt and pants, get out there and run.

Photo taken during finishing streak at my first 15 km Trail run in Ooty!

Happy Running to you!