Hello there!

This is Lalitha Priyadharshini. Or Lalitha Mahalingam as I am called here in the UK.

25 year old girl going through serious quarter life crisis! 25 is a strange age, Just when you thought you figured things out they fall apart. I used to be a travel freak and a blogger.

But things changed. I am now jobless(temporary contractual internship), homeless for two months(couch surfing), loveless (No BF in sight) and struggling to make my ends meet.

I was in love with London when I landed here. The huge buildings, the well suited people, handsome guys and boy, I lived at the wallstreet of London. Working here was literally my childhood dream. I imagined going on fancy dates like how they showed in Sex and the city. I will meet the guy of my dreams, get a fancy job, apartment on the top floor and go to plays.

But things dint turn out as I had pictured it to be.

Life dint give me lemons, It threw pineapples at me.

I was facing third world problems in a first world country. This section is to recount my experiences here in London, mostly the Mishaps.

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