As much as I love travelling I figured I am a city girl. Like the ones they show on the American sitcom- Sex and the City. The concrete jungle, the traffic lights, cars, pubs, cocktails, fashion excites me as much as off beat places do. I am, rather an experiencer, Who likes to live in different places, imbibe the vibe-culture-emotions of the city.


So in every city I live in I have different adventures and make new friends who help me survive through the city life. Here you will find adventures from Amsterdam, London, Bangalore and many more to come!


I have taken a newfound liking towards trekking. Here are a few treks I have been to

Trek to Makalidurga

Agumbe – The land of King cobra

Bangalore is a happening city where you can never get bored of!

Bangalore traffic

The Flea Market

New Life, a New beginning-2015

United Kingdom





Performing in a flashmob


Dance performance

Ice skating!

Muiden castle visit

How travelling has shaped me!

Indian view of Dutch food

My Spice Box