When we went Ice Skating !

My over enthusiastic friends coaxed me to go ice skating on a chilly cold night in Amsterdam. Ice skating – I was somehow not intrigued by it since I knew it would be cold anyways and why would I want the ice under me. When we left from home it was raining which was not … Continue reading When we went Ice Skating !

Restaurant hopping at Koramangla

The day was gloomy. I woke up very late on a satuday as usual, had brunch and had a long afternoon nap.This made me brisk in the evening and I had planned nothing. I started to ping people on the phone asking what plans they had.people had already planned for movies or were outside or did … Continue reading Restaurant hopping at Koramangla

First time I played Football..

Follow my blog with Bloglovin One of my team members in office was leaving for his next role outside India and he invited us to a football game. My side of the floor was divided into three teams and the plan for the match was decided. I neglected the idea at first ( football and … Continue reading First time I played Football..