Visit to Muiden Castle

The day started with a rather enthusiastic preparation for a photwalk along the canal roads in Amsterdam. We arrived at the spot just to find out the meet up was the next day and we had seen the date wrong. But this did not stop us from seizing the day 😀 Since we had our … Continue reading Visit to Muiden Castle

Light Painting Photography workshop

Recently attended a Photowalk in Amsterdam in which  Long exposure or slow shutter speed photography  was taught by Guston, the event organiser. The settings we used are: Shutter speed: 20 Secs; Aperture: F8; ISO: 100 This kind of setting requires a tripod since the camera captures images over a span of 20 seconds and any shaking … Continue reading Light Painting Photography workshop

The Sea bespeckled with ships – The SAIL event Amsterdam

The Dutch have a rich historical tradition of sailing and exploring the sea. SAIL is an event that takes place once in five years in Amsterdam to honour this tradition. Thousands of ships sail into the Ij (Pronounced as Eye) Lake and this attracts a million tourist due to its magnificent scale and sheer beauty.The … Continue reading The Sea bespeckled with ships – The SAIL event Amsterdam

Restaurant hopping at Koramangla

The day was gloomy. I woke up very late on a satuday as usual, had brunch and had a long afternoon nap.This made me brisk in the evening and I had planned nothing. I started to ping people on the phone asking what plans they had.people had already planned for movies or were outside or did … Continue reading Restaurant hopping at Koramangla

First time I played Football..

Follow my blog with Bloglovin One of my team members in office was leaving for his next role outside India and he invited us to a football game. My side of the floor was divided into three teams and the plan for the match was decided. I neglected the idea at first ( football and … Continue reading First time I played Football..