Discovering the pretty Dutch villages

If you like a calm romantic day trip outside the touristy Amsterdam the dutch villages are a perfect choice in Netherlands. The charming countryside of waterland consists of Edam, Volendam and Marken. They are the traditional dutch fisherman villages which has a long standing tradition and heritage. How to get there? In half an hour … Continue reading Discovering the pretty Dutch villages

Bangalore Traffic parody

I read a hilarious parody on Bangalore traffic at I thought I will share it with my fellow Bengalureans. Short intro about Bangalore traffic Bangalore traffic is a 'Black hole'  you can never exit out of once you get into it. In India we drive on the left of the road. In Bangalore, we drive on … Continue reading Bangalore Traffic parody

Visiting the Bengalurean Rangoli Metro flea market

At the Rangoli Metro center in Bangalore vibrant stalls were setup and we got a chance to witness them and click vivid pictures. Right from natural handmade soaps, to paintings, sketches, illustrations, and other handmade upcycled products (like painted bottles and upcycled old carton box sheets) - you'll be able to pick them all at … Continue reading Visiting the Bengalurean Rangoli Metro flea market

Keukenhof-The Tulip paradise

The tulips in Netherlands showcase themselves for a brief period during the glorious spring. If you are around here it is a sin if you do not visit the Keukenhof during the two months. The fields are open from  24 March 2016 - 16 May 2016 from 08.00 - 19.30. So for two months this … Continue reading Keukenhof-The Tulip paradise

Flash Mob in Amsterdam

It was a cloudy day with chances of rain and we were praying to the clouds not to pour; because it was our big day- The day of the’ First International flash mob 2016’ The same choreographed songs were to be performed in 10 countries- 17 cities on 19th March. 2016, 11- 12:00 Local time … Continue reading Flash Mob in Amsterdam

Carnival at Maastricht

Maastricht's carnival is one of the joyous and fun events to visit with friends and family. Dutch sure know how to party!  . The first day of Carnival is six weeks before Easter Sunday. Carnival officially begins on Sunday and lasts three days -Typically February first or second week.Almost everyone dresses in some weird, outlandish, … Continue reading Carnival at Maastricht

Republic day performance- Amsterdam

Never have I celebrated Republic day so enthusiastically. Here in Netherlands I found a new way to make it special- by performing a patriotic dance on stage: The Bollywood Amsterdam group which I am a part of planned on performing to the 'ABCD Vande mataram song'. We had 17 days at hand and we managed … Continue reading Republic day performance- Amsterdam

Light Festival Amsterdam- A Photowalk in Rain

Amsterdam has a unique way of keeping the spirit high in the winters.When the sun sets down very quick these days there is something to look forward to-The light festival-The festival of light and water illuminating the canals ( Nov 28 2015 to Jan 17 2016 ! ) The streets of Amsterdam are already decorated … Continue reading Light Festival Amsterdam- A Photowalk in Rain

When we went Ice Skating !

My over enthusiastic friends coaxed me to go ice skating on a chilly cold night in Amsterdam. Ice skating – I was somehow not intrigued by it since I knew it would be cold anyways and why would I want the ice under me. When we left from home it was raining which was not … Continue reading When we went Ice Skating !