20 countries before 2020

It has been a 5 year long adventure! It hasn't come to an end, but this marks a milestone. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xP5h6lb3lLU&feature=youtu.be I started my blog "Exploring Life" with the intention of penning down my thoughts and add my experiences to my book of memories. My blog quotes curious everyday episodes, opinions and my travel tales. What … Continue reading 20 countries before 2020

A Visit to King’s Landing

Being a massive GOT fan, I traveled to Croatia last September to explore the locations where the show was filmed! Croatia is where much of the Daenerys and Kings Landing storyline takes place. Dubrovnik's old city have been used extensively for Kings Landing since season two[1]. The locations in the Old City include the Pile and Ploče gate, the … Continue reading A Visit to King’s Landing

Love and Prisoner’s Dilemma

To be in Love and to commit is similar to the situation in Prisoner’s dilemma. If you dont know what Prisoner's dilemma is it explained below in this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t9Lo2fgxWHw If both cooperate they both get one year in jail. If one betrays the other person gets 3 years in jail and you are free. … Continue reading Love and Prisoner’s Dilemma

Celebrating Fall

This is my Newest project where I captured the beautiful colours of autumn. I started my grad school at University of Cambridge this september. I was engrossed with settling down I dint quite enjoy the fall as I should have. Besides it is my favorite part of the year. I took some time off to click … Continue reading Celebrating Fall

Discovering the pretty Dutch villages

If you like a calm romantic day trip outside the touristy Amsterdam the dutch villages are a perfect choice in Netherlands. The charming countryside of waterland consists of Edam, Volendam and Marken. They are the traditional dutch fisherman villages which has a long standing tradition and heritage. How to get there? In half an hour … Continue reading Discovering the pretty Dutch villages

Bangalore Traffic parody

I read a hilarious parody on Bangalore traffic at team-bhp.com. I thought I will share it with my fellow Bengalureans. Short intro about Bangalore traffic Bangalore traffic is a 'Black hole'  you can never exit out of once you get into it. In India we drive on the left of the road. In Bangalore, we drive on … Continue reading Bangalore Traffic parody

Visiting the Bengalurean Rangoli Metro flea market

At the Rangoli Metro center in Bangalore vibrant stalls were setup and we got a chance to witness them and click vivid pictures. Right from natural handmade soaps, to paintings, sketches, illustrations, and other handmade upcycled products (like painted bottles and upcycled old carton box sheets) - you'll be able to pick them all at … Continue reading Visiting the Bengalurean Rangoli Metro flea market

Keukenhof-The Tulip paradise

The tulips in Netherlands showcase themselves for a brief period during the glorious spring. If you are around here it is a sin if you do not visit the Keukenhof during the two months. The fields are open from  24 March 2016 - 16 May 2016 from 08.00 - 19.30. So for two months this … Continue reading Keukenhof-The Tulip paradise