Year 2022- The year of motherhood

I am a little late in writing this, and obviously, it is due to my busy schedule with my son around. 2022 was the year of motherhood. I became a mom, and my whole world turned upside down (for good) My tiny human arrived, and I did not know babies were such high-need people. I … Continue reading Year 2022- The year of motherhood

As a parent you get no break!

This post is about what the title suggests. I remember days when I used to chill in bed till 12PM. Ping a friend where they are going for lunch. Join the gang for a Lunch (Is it technically brunch?!). Go back to their place to play a board game. In the evening someone suggests 'How … Continue reading As a parent you get no break!

What no one tells you about having a baby

When you get married, your parents, in-laws and relatives are eager for you to have a baby. When you are pregnant, people around you are so nice to you and eager for the baby to arrive. Somewhere in all this, people forget to mention what it really is like to have a baby. Maybe because … Continue reading What no one tells you about having a baby

Seemantham – Baby shower Iyengar style

I had an Iyengar style Seemantham ceremony. It is a traditional baby shower function that is conducted around the fifth month of pregnancy. I was quite excited because it was my big function after all the covid lockdowns. Here is how the ceremony went. We had to get a bunch of stuff like flower garlands, … Continue reading Seemantham – Baby shower Iyengar style

Pregnancy- Second trimester

Previous: The first trimester I totally loved my second trimester. There is a reason they call it the honeymoon period of pregnancy. I got my energy back towards the end of the third month. I started doing regular exercises every day or 4 times a week. I used the baby2body app which had pregnancy-specific exercises. … Continue reading Pregnancy- Second trimester

Pregnancy- First Trimester

I was blessed with my baby boy on December 14th 2021. My pregnancy journey had been incredible. I thought I will document it trimester wise :). Background I had a covid wedding in 2020. We had two receptions following that and were exhausted from all the planning, photography and invites. The pandemic on the other … Continue reading Pregnancy- First Trimester

This Never ending Pandemic

We have all grown sick of this never ending pandemic. It has taken a toll on our mental health and social wellbeing. Not being able to interact with fellow humans, not being able to just go to a food joint you frequent and have a local delicacy, not being able to just meet your friends … Continue reading This Never ending Pandemic

Bringing memories to Life- An affair with painting

It has been a rather uneventful year for travel! Not just for me but all around the world. Those who do travel are criticized. Staying at home all day long, I took to painting. I stocked my painting kit- Got some watercolours, oil colours , brushes and canvases and started brushing away! It gave me … Continue reading Bringing memories to Life- An affair with painting