Board games

Here I will be adding some interesting board games I come across! Power grid I played this exciting game called  ”Power grid” Being in the energy sector I can say this was one of the most realistic games I have played It went on for 5 hours or so The aim of the game is … Continue reading Board games


Reminiscing the Fairy tale land called Europe

In the April of 2018 I arrived in India. It felt like landing back to reality. I loved being back to India, after short stints in Europe and UK. Its my country after all. It took me a year to settle in. But something  was missing, something I couldn't put a finger on. After a … Continue reading Reminiscing the Fairy tale land called Europe

Can you make a human out of a robot?

Can you replace a human with a robot? You may tell, human connections are special, humans are unique,but what if there is a possibility that sometime in the future, people can have their robot girlfriends or robot dads who could be more loving than their human counterparts. Suppose, There is an AI cat and a … Continue reading Can you make a human out of a robot?

Living in London as a single Indian girl

How is it living as a single girl! London, I called it my city of dreams. Generally I am a fan of concrete jungles and you can guess I loved being there. It mostly has migrated working population and lots of single people. I later learnt that as you grow older you move to the … Continue reading Living in London as a single Indian girl

Quick guide to Barcelona

Beaches, Gaudi architecture, royal buildings and streets, football and beautiful churches- Barcelona has much to offer. Here is everything you need to know on a two day/night trip to Barcelona. The main attractions in the city include the works of Gaudi Architect who made some Gaudy designs that make Barcelona stand out, the beaches, Football … Continue reading Quick guide to Barcelona

Tinder tips for guys

This is an extension of my quora answer You never get a second chance to make the first impression. This applies very well to this 21st century dating app ‘Tinder’ Tinder is a microcosm of real life. You scan someone and in a second you make a decision on whether they are datable or not. … Continue reading Tinder tips for guys

2017- A year when despair changed the face of life

This year taught me profound things in life This year has been about battling uncertainties, unexpected reality checks, and a teaching for me to view the other side of the world. Where the world isn't a bed of roses I thought I had ventured out of my comfort zone when in 2015-16  I traveled to … Continue reading 2017- A year when despair changed the face of life

A Weekend at King’s Lynn, UK

A weekend getaway is the best way to take a short break . When my thesis was going no where and Cambridge was becoming too monotonous I decided to take a weekend off and travel solo to King's Lynn. The town, known until 1537 as Bishop's Lynn, is a seaport and market town in Norfolk, … Continue reading A Weekend at King’s Lynn, UK