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I am from Madurai, the temple city of India. Hailing from a small town and spending my first 17 years of my life there, the idea of travelling around the world intrigued me. After finishing my bachelors at IIT my parents told me the next step in life is to get married. After spending a month on Matrimonial websites, I decided to break to monotonous tick-boxing attitude in life, get out of my comfort zone, discover the world and pursue my long term desire for travel.


My idea of travel was going on a ‘ Group tour Package for 4 days, 3 nights, Rs 29999 per person’ by Thomascook. My trip to North Eastern India in 2014 with my girls gave me a new perspective about travelling where we stayed in tents, camped in homestays and decided to explore offbeat places.

Since then I have grabbed every opportunity I have had to travel around the world and set foot in 20 countries.

I love budget travel,backpacking, meeting new people while travelling, hearing their stories and blogging about my experiences. Travelling has changed my view of life for good. I have seen incredible sights I never thought existed, I become more open minded to people from various backgrounds, I started appreciating different cultures for what they are and most of all learnt to live at the moment without worrying about the future! (Quora Answer)


I am currently living in Bangalore with my husband and my baby boy. I document my adventures around the globe and as a mother (Which is equally exciting and thrilling as travel)

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I enjoy little things in life and like to spend every day experiencing something new -good or bad. I decided to pen down my thoughts and add my experiences to my book of memories. My blog “Exploring life” quotes curious everyday episodes, opinions and my travel tales.

What I strongly believe is that Life begins at the end of your comfort zone!

I shared my opinions on Life and liberty on Quora which I have taken a break from now.

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