Once upon a time a boy and a girl liked each other. They dated and realized they are absolutely made for each other. They were madly in love and decided to spend their rest of their lives together. They got married and lived happily ever after.

This is fact is a distant possibility for couples of this era. We have messed dating like no other generation. Capitalism has entered the world of love and we wont settle for anything less than a  trophy, someone way out of our league. Thats what you should aim for otherwise, you are either giving up too early or settling (slumming as it is called).

Romance and Dating, Going down the drain

When you were young you would have grown up with that fairy tale notion of love where you met you prince or princess and you wanted to be with them forever.

Now love comes in all shades and forms.

  • You like each other enough to date for a few months
  • Like each other but you keep things casual (not gonna marry)
  • Like each other for a few months until the other person leaves the city
  • One night stands
  • Friends with benefits
  • Date someone until you find someone better
  • Short term flings
  • Travel buddies who are romantically involved

You dabble with all different forms of love that the whole purpose of dating is lost along the way.

Wait, what you want to actually be with me in the future , is this why you are dating me?
Yes you moron, why else would I date you; to sell my company's products to you?


Medley of options

If you were in a small town, you would probably find the next best person and settle down. In big cities, you face a new problem, a totally first world one- Problem of Excess.

There are just way too many options. You swipe on 100 people in Tinder a day and still feel there is just not anyone good enough out there. You feel you still havnt exhausted the list.

You go on multiple dates with wonderful people and feel you can do better.

Settling down with a supposedly awesome person feels like a drag, as you arent just settling down with the love of your life but also letting go of all the possible options you could have had.

You date people who have various things to offer that you feel you can meet the unicorn who has all the permutation of all the things you have seen in the individual people you have met.

I have dated a blonde girl. I have dated a tall girl who was 5 10′. I have dated a girl who traveled a lot. I dated a girl who went to stanford.
I am sure I will meet a blonde hot tall girl, well travelled and who went to an Ivy league school. I am just getting there.

Well Buddy good luck with that

Our generation has put unrealistic expectations on people (us). The ordinary has lost its charm. You ought to be a complete package to score a date (6 ft, entrepreneur, who plays guitar, goes to Himalayas, wait what). The average is just outcast in the whole race.

In a race to score a trophy we are just losing the opportunity to find ourselves true lasting love.

All I can say is that we are a f*ed up generation of wannabes , who are looking for the non existent unicorn to settle down with, having serious entitlement issues and an inflated view of ourselves and those who have just messed up the concept of love.

Who knows what shade of love we might end up with in our next encounter. I hope its the pure one.