Janmastami Celebrations

I had a lot of fun hosting Janmastami this year. This was all the more special because Suraj got to dress as Kutti Krishna.


We prepared a mandap type flower backdrop with marigolds. I love the bright yellow and orange colours and they make the occasion very festive. I got his krishna dress on amazon. I washed it up once. The jewelry came along with it.

I got a baby krishna picture printed on an A3 sheet. I bought peacock feathers and placed them like a hallow. I painted a pot and tied a flower around it. We kept makhan on top of it.

We mixed the makhan with sugar and cardamom powder. You can also see below a small lamp and a kolam on a plate.


I prepared sweet appam, kara appam, vada, payasam for the occasion. We placed an order for the rest of the palagarams. Some sumptuos Seedais,adhirasams, badam sweets and murukus.

We bought the rest of the pooja items the day before- Coconut, tulsi, fruits and betel leaves.

I made a sambhar with rice for the main course.

We did a small pooja at 10 AM and started to gorge on the sweets!

The star of the day

When Suraj wore the krishna attire we all went crazy seeing him in it. He looked so cute we couldn’t resist. We clicked a lot of pictures. I loved that he is able to crawl around this time.

I also got to dress us for the occasion which I was very happy for. It has been long since I felt normal like this again. The newborn phase was exhausting and it has been only easier since then. I was so glad I was able to host the function at home. It was attended by my family and my husbands and Suraj’s caretakers. We had a blast and everyone got to have a lot of food! 😀


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