As a parent you get no break!

This post is about what the title suggests.

I remember days when I used to chill in bed till 12PM. Ping a friend where they are going for lunch. Join the gang for a Lunch (Is it technically brunch?!). Go back to their place to play a board game. In the evening someone suggests ‘How about we hit this place for dinner’ and get going.

Fast forward, this sunday, I have a broken knee-muscle inflammation and was really hoping to catch some rest. I woke up and son was cranky. Needed a diaper change. Realised the diaper pack and the wipe pack were both over. Went to replenish that from the cupboard. He was cranky still, so made a bottle of milk and he was drinking. I was off to the kitchen to make coffee and his purees. The never ending puree cycle; I boil veggies or fruits and grind them. keep them in fridge. Take out the one I already ground and heat it up to feed him. It is just 8AM by this time.

It is sunday so its meal plan day. I jot down the veggies I have and veggies needed for the week. Make a sketch of the family Lunch and dinner for the week, check the fridge for what is there and not there, place an order for groceries.

My husband cleans the crawl mats while baby is chilling in the walker. Cleans his toys. Now we try feeding, he doesnt want it. Diaper change time, putting him to sleep. We schedule all house works on the weekend because both of us are working. The Aqua guard filter repair and some aluminium mesh repair guys come home.

Me and Hubby order food because how to hell to cook among all these. It is just 12PM. and I have a whole day to go. My leg is aching and I wish it was a weekday so I can sit at my desk and work all day.

It doesnt matter if you are sick, ill, have a stiff neck, have some knee inflammation. As a parent you get no break. You better not fall ill, because then you dont have somebody else doing it all for you, you do it anyway.


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