Pregnancy- Second trimester

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I totally loved my second trimester. There is a reason they call it the honeymoon period of pregnancy.

I got my energy back towards the end of the third month. I started doing regular exercises every day or 4 times a week. I used the baby2body app which had pregnancy-specific exercises.

I started cooking again!

In my fourth month, I started eating quite well. I ate an egg a day and started having full-fat milk. Suddenly I gained 4 kgs in a month. My gynec pointed out it’s too much so I should cut back on carbs. :P.

The advice of ‘Eat for two’ is false.

Eat normally, take prenatal vitamins and have healthy extra calories. They say you should have 300 extra calories a day. That equates to a few fruits and dry fruits a day. 100 gms of dry fruits is 350 calories.

People tend to eat more carb to fill up these calories and end up gaining a lot of weight.

Sisters wedding and Dancing!

I was lucky to be able to attend my sister’s wedding. I was looking forward to it since I couldn’t attend any event because of the pandemic. It was three days of fun and frolic. I rehearsed steps and danced on the sister’s sangeet. My dad was surprised 😛 !.

Seemantham /baby Shower

I had a traditional baby shower -Iyengar style. It was grander than my wedding.

Anamoly Scan

This detailed ultrasound scan, sometimes called the mid-pregnancy or anomaly scan, is usually carried out when you’re between 18 and 21 weeks pregnant. This is done to reassure us that your baby is developing normally and Confirm the gestational age of your pregnancy. It was scary but after a long wait, the results came out good.

General Feeling

I had sudden bouts of exhaustion. I guess the baby was taking up more energy than usual to grow. I used to take a nap when I felt like fainting and then get back to work. I had some home renovations going on. It was stressful at a point when I had to liaise with other personnel. But I kept being on my feet to avoid the pregnancy laziness which can quickly creep in when you start to not do things.

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