This Never ending Pandemic

We have all grown sick of this never ending pandemic.

It has taken a toll on our mental health and social wellbeing. Not being able to interact with fellow humans, not being able to just go to a food joint you frequent and have a local delicacy, not being able to just meet your friends or even parents… the list goes on

A Toll on our health- Mental and Physical

Everything we used to do pre-corona seems like first world stuff. Now the world is grappling with a health crisis and India, even more. Oxygen, beds, ventilators have become highly valuable commodities and they say people are dropping like flies. We thought it was over in February and boy, we were very wrong.

It has been the same advice for over a year now- do not go out, wear a mask, dont meet people, sanitise your hands, be prepared, take precautions.

I wonder when things will be how it used to be. This virus has wrecked havoc on our lives.

There was a time when travelling was all the buzz, just taking a flight and going to some exotic location and spending time exploring their culture. Now all of it seems impossible.

With so many global travel restrictions it seems like we are living in a different world.

My heart goes onto those who work in the travel and tourism industries, those whose life depends on local tourism. I hope they have found other means of livelihood.

Fate of Travel bloggers

In this global scenario , I wonder what travel bloggers are doing around the world?

I see many reposting pictures on their instagram and it has essentially become a #throwback haven. So I stopped posting on social media on travel for a while because it seemed so fake. I am not travelling in reality, and my reality doesnt allow me to travel, why should I post that I am happy and cheerful when that is not the case.!

Maybe two years from now, when a large population of the world is vaccinated, travel might resume to usual levels. We might just be able to get out there and quench our souls!

Anger on the government

I cant begin to express the anger I have on the government handling of covid.

They proclaimed that it was over just before the second wave started. Called for devotees to come to Kumbh Mela (35 Lakh people came). They organised special trains for it.

They gave away vaccines for free to 90 countries before they even started vaccinating their own population. Now less than 2% of population has been fully vaccinated and we are all suffering.

They took 5 months to get the population to the masses. Until now it has been just 60+ etc.

No planning on the oxygen front.

Government organised rallies when they should have been following social distancing protocols.

I am just emotionally down seeing the things happening around me. It is that feeling of hopelessness, anger and frustration.

How are you coping with the pandemic? Leave your thoughts on the comments below.

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