2020- The year of lockdown

Sometimes a year can go bad for some people and very well for some. This year the whole world had a bad year. It was a pretty bad normal we were all forced to accept. 

Condolences for those who lost their loved ones to COVID. Everything we did for fun and took for granted – Travel, parties, hanging out, pubs, bars, concerts, amusement parks, movie theaters- were all closed. 

Though all this came as a shock to someone who is a big extrovert I still managed fine this year.

Notwithstanding COVID it has been a good year for me. I joined my new job in Bangalore. I met my husband. Dated him- before lockdown. He proposed to me in Goa.

Had a chance to be with him thru the lockdown and got married. It was a good year precisely because I had him by my side. 

I learnt something big – the power of companionship. I had been socializing with my friends to keep company but this year though I did not step out of my home but I didn’t feel a bit lonely.


Yes, the biggest event of my year was my wedding. I got married! yay! It is always exciting to be the new bride, and most of all getting married to your love is always special. We had a small ceremony due to corona in august. We then had a reception in Madurai.


This year has been about lots and lots of cooking. I learnt a variety of vegetarian dishes since my hubby is vegetarian. Learnt to cook chinese, vietnamese, Italian etc. Food has been a sort of my zen space in this lockdown.


I painted my way through to express my creativity. I painting the places I have travelled and the places I would like to travel. It was a colourful break from the monotonous life we had.


This year wasnt completely without travel. I went to Goa in febraury. Travelled to Madurai twice. Went to a home stay in the forest in bangalore. I think the only one that travelled the world the most in 2020 was the corona virus.


The first year after marriage is usually filled with festivals back and forth in my place and my in-laws place. Wore a lot of sarees and followed a lot of traditions. It was hell lot of fun.

New year resolution

This year’s resolution is minimalism. Both in material aspects and indulgence. We are trying to lean down our material usage in our house and reduce clutter. Food wise as well I plan on including sattvic foods, those that require less cooking, mild and organic. The plan is to focus on health more and mental wellbeing. This year had thought me great many things- That you don’t too much, that you don’t need too many people, the excessive spending and ostentatiousness. Just a loving family and safe space is enough!

Don’t know what 2021 has in store for us. Lets hope we all get out of this mess and get back to normal again!

2 thoughts on “2020- The year of lockdown

  1. Congratulations on getting married. Looks many things have changed last year . I think I am seeing a different person in you than I saw over the years. The new year resolutions also are too different. Anyway it’s always better for change as we feel good about it.
    Also thanks for live streaming your marriage it was the first one I attended .
    Hope travel will be on cards definitely and look forward .
    All the best.


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