Bringing memories to Life- An affair with painting

It has been a rather uneventful year for travel! Not just for me but all around the world. Those who do travel are criticized.

Staying at home all day long, I took to painting. I stocked my painting kit- Got some watercolours, oil colours , brushes and canvases and started brushing away!

It gave me a chance to relive travel memories and look back with fondness the moments I had.

Here are some of the paintings

London– A city that stole my heart. Had some happy and sad memories there but I would say for me it was a city of unrequited love!

Drew the famous big ben and westminster.


This is one of my go to places to paint. I just love the blue of the waters, sky and domes and the white of the buildings. It looks like a fairy tale

Autumn colours

I painted an autumn lake in oil. I miss the fall colours and their reflection of the lakes.

God I miss the beaches!

And the sunsets!

Sometimes I would like to escape to a beautiful castle in the middle of the woods!

Send me suggestions on what to Paint! 😀

If you like them please do have a look at my Youtube

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