Legally Married

It was time to legalise my wedding. Involve the government and judiciary!

I went to the Marriage registration office with my husband and 4 witnesses.

After hours of filling forms, waiting for three hours, ton of signatures later at the marriage registration office it is done. We have involved the government and judiciary into this.
A note

It was very different from what I had envisioned it.
The office is a part of a bigger one which does registration of property, transport licenses and such, so no going in with garland all dressed up and signing no it doesn’t happen that way.

Written in big bold letters is “No middle men allowed” and ones inside the office roaming are mostly middle men.
Some remarkable way of dealing with things in government offices.

We were told to download the forms, fill them, sign them, then type them out in the office because the font is too small, then oops your address is wrong, change it to the one in Aadhar, retype it, re-sign it ,photo isn’t good, go take it again, re-sign it, then the officer goes to lunch so wait one more hour or come tomorrow.

There is a saying ‘Thou shall not exit a government office without spending at least half a day’ is true. Well I just made that up but it is still true.

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