Traditional Iyengar Attire- Madisaar and Andal Kondai

I always assumed I would get married in a silk saree probably from Kanchipuram.

I am not a Tambrahm but my boyfriend/now husband is. My mother-in-law wanted a Traditional Tamil Iyengar attire – Madisaar with Andal Kondai

Whats that on top of my head?

Its Andal Kondai – Traditional Tamil Iyengar Hairstyle. A very unique a Hairdo wherein the bride wears a bun (side pointed cone) on one side of her head.

Significance of this unique look – As per tradition, on the wedding day, the bride is considered to be the form of goddess Andal and the groom is considered to be the form of Lord Vishnu. The couples wedding symbolizes the sacred wedding between Lord Vishnu and goddess Andal. And hence, the bride is dressed as goddess Andal on her big day.

I goofed up a bit showing up that day wearing it on the right side. It was supposed to be on the left. But she said it was fine.


The iyer/Iyengar culture the bride is draped in a nine-yard saree, also known as Madisaar. It is a symbol of her transformation from a girl to a woman who is now married. Normally sarees are six yards in length, but since the Madisaar is worn in a different style, one requires a nine-yard saree to wear it.

9 yards of saree, that is 8.3 meter. I was shocked!! Neither me nor my mother knew how to wear it. We hired a makeup artist who knew how to on that day. If you have 8 meters of saree on you, you are bound to feel a bit bloated!

And Nope, I dont have long hair, like you can see in my previous photos. I got some long hair extensions My mom got the plated hair and Kunjam(An ornament at the end of your hair pleats). I had never worn that many hair jewellery.

I liked the experience of wearing this attire. It was fun!


One thought on “Traditional Iyengar Attire- Madisaar and Andal Kondai

  1. Interesting. You looked wonderful in the traditional attire. Just to know how many hours for getting ready…lol. look forward to more pics on Instagram. Stay blessed.


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