How to plan a wedding in 10 days (With Corona around)

My wedding was witnessed by 570 people with no masks on! Yes, they attended it virtually.

My wedding ceremony was planned to take place on 25th of May 2020.  We had to indefinitely postpone it due to Lockdown and the virus.

The never ending Lockdown and interstate travel restrictions made it impossible to plan the wedding. Towards August end the restrictions started to ease, though the cases did not decrease.

We decided to make it happen but in a safe and secure way. Here is what we did

We struck down the guest list.

We did not invite anyone to the wedding! We wanted everyone to participate virtually so no one gets corona virus from attending it!

We arranged for a small venue

A temple and a hall next to it where lots of people dont walk around.

No catering services

With no guests involved we didnt have to arrange for food and hire people to serve it which increases the possibility of transmission. My friends asked for swiggy coupons from safe restaurants. It would be something worth exploring.!

We did not outsource most of the tasks

My dad and mom arranged the backdrop for the stage (the stage curtain, our name boards, the sheet underneath). They got those on rent from Madurai. They washed it before bringing it. My sister did the mehendi for me. We arranged for a flower guy to buy all the garlands a day before and sanitised them before using. this was we cut off a lot of outside contact.

We used Youtube live for the live telecast

I used a streaming software, called Streamlabs. I connected my youtube through it and did a few mock sessions with my sister. When you start the live session your viewers can view it with a 10 second lag at most. If you click on end button by mistake the stream ends. This was the most stressful part. Making sure there are no goofups and the link you sent to 100 people actually works.

My parents, sister and the driver took a corona test

They were travelling from Chennai and they took and E-pass and also took the corona test. A test costs 3500 RS. They all took the test and made sure they are negative before entering bangalore.

Social distancing and safety precautions of personnel involved

We hired a photographer and videographer but we made sure they ensure social distancing. The makeup artist sanitised the area before keeping her things and also wore a mask through out the process.

We had a total of 10 people at our wedding and 570 people attended it virtually. We had a google meet call with my relatives afterwards. It felt really good.

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