Wedding in Corona Era- Tying the knot with masks on!

My wedding ceremony was planned to take place on 25th of may 2020.  We happily started planning for it in February. My parents were the most enthusiastic- They went to Amman Sananthi-A bustling area in Madurai to select invitation cards, pick out Sarees, jewels and return gifts. They finalised a venue in Madurai  in April and started telling relatives about it.  In May I was here in Bangalore trying to arrange a reception ceremony at a Hotel lawn. I went around different hotels trying to find the perfect setting.

By then(April) Corona had just reached India. We had a few cases in Kerala. We held from giving out invitation cards until we were clear about the situation.

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Everything went downhill in May.

The Corona Cases started to rise.  By the third week the Lockdown began! This threw everything into utter confusion. Should I invite people? Should we have a small ceremony with fewer people, if so how many? Is interstate travel allowed? Nothing was clear.

As we approached the end of May it was clear that no interstate travel was allowed and my parents were stuck in Madurai. We could no longer have even the tiny home ceremony.

Wistful June

We postponed to it to June, meanwhile eyeing out for any changes in Lockdown rules. We were honestly torn between keeping the wedding and putting everyone to risk or

Inauspicious July

Weddings typically don’t happen during the month of July. Nevertheless we did map out some auspicious days. We had three lockdowns by then and had lost hope. Due to travel restrictions we cancelled it again.

Hopeful August

After 3 Lockdowns and 3 Unlocks we finally decided to go for it!

But we did not want to put anyone’s life in danger so we decided to have a temple wedding with just our parents.


The wedding is planned for 23rd of August.

This is still a probabilistic date because my parents need to get their E-pass approved. My sister also needs to get hers approved from Chennai. We need bare minimal things to get it going in the temple- The priest needs to be available! Of all we all need to be in a healthy state of mind and body.  All this is in a week’s time. I am terrified and excited at the same time! All I can say is,

Fingers crossed with masks on!


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