Corona Virus and Travel

It has been ages since I made a post. The Novel corona virus has brought the entire world to a standstill. Travel seems like a distant dream now!

It took two of my favorite hobbies down at one go-Running and travelling.

It was quite difficult at the beginning but now I am kind of used to the peace and quite at home.

I am glad I did quite a bit of travelling  before 2020. Which brings me to the point of the article..

Seize the day!

You might never get the Time back again. The world might never be the same! Never delay working on your dreams.

There was an irk I had before I left to Thailand, last year in December. I dint want to go. I wanted to stay back in Bangalore cozied up. But something told me I should-I had signed up for a marathon, I had my friends coming. I just went with it and had a great time. I made my 20 countries before 2020 after that.


Why do we travel?

We travel to experience the world. Our curiosity aids us in exploring the world. Some travel to take a break from the real world, from their strenuous work lives. So…

What will happen to travelling now!

Honestly I am waiting for a vaccine and for borders to open up so things can get back to normal. But that is not going to happen anytime soon! Here are somethings that might happen with the world of travel.

Local travel

There is going to be a boost for local travel! People will be encouraged even after the corona crisis to explore whats near them than to go for the farthest possible location to unwind! This is good for the local communities.

Safe travel

Safety will before a no.1 priority while travelling.  People will be more into taking necessary vaccines while travelling to places and making sure they dont become patient 1 for the next disease.

Virtual Travel

This seems like an exciting option which will slowly come up in the future. Much like the Britannica Virtual guide I used to love when I was a kid we will have virtual travel guides to different places.

Local experiences mimicking international ones

Just like how new cuisines have come up from different parts of the world, new experience centers might pop up.  We might have an ‘Experience South America’ Center which shows us some tribal dances from Amazon, Local alcohol making, decor similar to cafes in South Americas which will give us an experience of visiting the place.

Lots of innovative stuff is going to go on in the avenue of travel! I am looking forward to it!

Stay home Stay Safe!

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