Thailand International marathon

This was my first race outside India.  I was excited about it because it was going to be in Thailand.


I registered for a 10K as I wanted energy for sightseeing the rest of the day. I knew I wouldn’t be able to walk after a half marathon. The previous day I collected my BIB at the location.

The marathon was held at Rama 8 bridge, a central location in Bangkok. I stayed near Khao San road, which was 4 km from this place. The cruel part about this race was it started at 4 AM. The flag off time. I had to be there at 3 30 PM. I did not sleep the previous night. I was on phone with my parents till 1 AM. I came down and chattered with my friends till 230 AM. I had a small nap and was woken by my friend. I put on my shoes booked a cab and left.

I reached on time to leave my belongings in the locker and before the cars were stopped from entering the location. A trainer gave some warm up instructions which we followed. The race was flagged off at 4 15 AM. Luckily I wasn’t that sleepy.  The announcements were in Thai language.

It was on a flyover. The sky was pitch black with only the street lights to light up the way. There was refreshments at every 3 KM. It was a pleasant run. I ran at my usual pace and finished at 1:24 hrs.  The medal was given right after the finish line.

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The best part about the run was the breakfast spread!

Sandwiches, Grass jelly juice, Grass jelly soup with quail egg, omelet rice, Sports drinks,

Fruits. I had a nice time by the bridge facing the sunset.The sun rose majestically among the buildings and the river.


I slept the first half of the day.

It was a great first international run!




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