Things to note while visiting Thailand

Hola! Here is the first in my series on posts about Thailand! Before you plan your trip to Thailand take note!


Indian passport holders are allowed to apply for a Visa On Arrival for a stay period not exceeding 15 day.Thailand Visa on Arrival for Free until April 2020 You will be requested to show your hotel bookings return tickets and some cash(Sometimes they don’t ask, but do have it in your bank accounts)

Sim card

You can get a sim card for as cheap at 170 baht (Includes unlimited internet for 5 days). I had my Airtel international calling pack with which i could make calls.


Water isnt free -There is no tap water. At restaurants it costs 20 baht. In supermarkets the same pack costs 7 baht. Stock some from the local supermarket 7/11

Super market 7/11

You can get water, liquor, food, read to eat noodles for cheap prices here. Also lots of souvenirs


Thailand is well known for its hostels.  Check out hostel world.

You can get rooms as cheap as 750 Rs per person. We stayed in hostels throughout our trip. We got to meet a lot of travelers from different parts of the world.



If you a Non-vegetarian you are in for a treat! I had alligator meat and a variety of seafood. vegetarians might face an issue, since you -find seafood, pork, meat in everything. Some wont like the taste of Thai food (especially kafir Lime leaves and Lemon grass). In that case ask what ingredients are there in it. You can find breads and sandwiches in super markets (7/11). There are Indian restaurants around the place but a bit expensive (170 baht for an Idly)


Khao San road is a vibrant market in Bangkok ideal for shopping. There is also a china town (things were not as cheap as expected). There is also the Chatuchak market which is open only on weekend. You get clothes and Food for cheap prices.

Thai Massages

There are lots and lots of massage parlours around. You can get cheap massages done for as low as 180 or 200 Baht. Thai massages arent relaxing. It is a full body stretching exercise where the you are participating a lot than lying passively. If its too much take an Oil massage. Foot massages are famous here too.

How to get around


Its the cab version of Ola/Uber there.  Its a little expensive but you get cabs pretty fast.


You can go to a taxi stand and get one. On main roads you will many taxis parked.

Tuk Tuk

There are car/tuk tuks which pass by on the road. You can hire them for a decent price.

What to pack


The climate is tropical. Best to back beach clothes which dry easily as you might be in and out of water most of the time.

  • Flip-flops- Do no take shoes lest you get sand inside every part of your shoe and dampen it with sea water. You will be getting on and off the boat, into the sea so better to carry a pair of flip flops.
  • Light clothing- Sultry climate makes it hard to wear thick clothes.
  • Sunscreen
  • Hat
  • Mosquito coil or All-out or Odomos
  • Cash-Restaurants here mostly deal with cash.
  • Camera/DSLR with a water proof bag
  • Print out of your tickets and bookings.
  • Medications/Prescriptions



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