My Thailand Adventures

‘Lets go to Thailand’ I told my friend! Those words that never get materialized. But luckily it did this December. Six of us embarked on our Thai trip ! We planned to travel on budget – No extravagance and luxury

The tickets from Chennai to Bangkok were 5K cheaper than ones from Bangalore so booked from Chennai. Our trip started with a road trip from Bangalore to Chennai. My friend drove us. We reached exactly 2.5 hours before the flight and managed to board it at midnight! 

We reached Bangkok at around 7AM local time.  Our first shock was that my friend who had to get his Forex card forgot it in Bangalore and realized this in Bangkok. We had all loaded our money in his card and were breaking our heads on what to do. Luckily two of our friends were taking the next flight from Bangalore and we told them to get more cash in baht for us.

How  to reach city

There is a shuttle service (Paid) which takes you to Mochit station. Our plan was to spend the first day at pattaya

How to get around

Grab-Its the cab version of Ola/Uber there. 

Taxi-You can go to a taxi stand and get one 

Tuk Tuk-There are car/tuk tuks which keep going on the road. You can get on it for a decent price.

Day 1 : Pattaya


The bus from MoChit took 3.5 hours to reach pattaya. We were damn tired when we reached. Pattaya has a beautiful beach with Shacks which cost 50 baht to  sit under. I sat there with a fanta and took a great nap. Had Tom yum soup at a local beach side pub. At the mall  (Hilton) there was a live music show going on. We sat there listening to it. Ate by the food stalls

Do visit the malls – There are good local food for cheap prices. The Walking street (The fun part of Pattaya) is also located alongside the beach. 

One of the memorable things I did here was eating alligator meat!  It tasted like Fish +chicken + beef . A truly unique combination


Day 2 and 3: Bangkok


We left to Bangkok the next day and spent out evening and night there.

Khao san road

A busy road (much like las ramblas of spain) having food stalls, pubs, street dances, cloth shops. We tasted Pad thai, dessert, Crepes, octopus, Momos, pineapples. A medley of options to eat. We got some thai pants too. It was a nice place to walk and chill. It keeps you entertained. 

I had a race to run the next day. Spent  my night by the bar talking to friends. Slept for just 1 hr and went to the marathon spot at 4 am. Ran my 10k and got back only to sleep till 12 PM. We spent the rest of the day sight seeing.

Wat Pho

The entry fee is around 200 baht. Much cheaper than Wat Arun which was 500 baht. The entry to grand palace was 500 Baht as well!

Day 4,5,6: Phuket


We flew to Phuket from Bangkok. From the airport we hired a grab and went to patong which took an hour.  We stayed at Ollo hostel. Again an amazing space for people to stay. It was again a bunk bed hotel Mixed dormitory. 

Phi Phi island tour 

We took a tour package of 1600 baht. This included Ferry ride to the islands, Free Lunch, Snorkeling, Viewpoint Trek and visit to 4 Islands. We felt it was a great deal and the guy who drove us was rocking(His name was Leonardo Cappuccino)

Walking street! 

Thailand is famous for its walking streets! We all know that!

Its a street full of fun – Girls dancing on poles, pubs and bars buzzing with people, Ariel dancing shows, Ping pong shows, Ladyboies wearing grandiose costumes. 

Freedom Beach

It has great sunset point and clear waters. 

Day 7: Return back home

On the 7th day we booked our flight back home through Bangkok. It was a smooth trip though the itinerary was hectic. We traveled with Air Asia.

Hope you found this useful!

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