Reminiscing the Fairy tale land called Europe

In the April of 2018 I arrived in India. It felt like landing back to reality. I loved being back to India, after short stints in Europe and UK. Its my country after all. It took me a year to settle in. But something  was missing, something I couldn’t put a finger on. After a bit of soul searching I found my answer.

It was that rose tinted beauty filter on everyday life. Life seems glum after you get back from europe and it’s not just a coincidence.  Europe is as close as it can get to fairytale land.



Cute idyllic cafes, cobblestone streets, clear pavements with no peck of sand(where are all the sand?), no poor people begging on the streets, chilled out crowd drinking beers, brown bars with  medieval fonts and decors, a utopian society in short. You are just transported away from reality to a romcom movie.I could literally hop around on the streets and sing a song like in a musical and people are around minding their own business. Days are absolutely perfect.


The atmosphere makes you poetic. I remember strolling through the streets of Maori, in a small town of Amalfi coast in Italy. Red lanterns were lit on the streets and they looked bare. It was deserted. There was a strange sense of romance associated with that atmosphere. The pastle colored streets and decorations. The hues of the sunset along the cliff.

I also remember the summer of 2015, when I got lost in the streets of Venice and that gave a romantic vibe to the journey. It made my life anachronistic, transported back in history


The culture and beauty of Europe.I will dearly miss.

Your surroundings do affect your inner world. I am thankful to god for showing me that such a world exists. Now being back to India things aren’t rosy anymore as in a Romcom sort of way but its different. I like the hustle and bustle of the city- One thing I really missed in Europe. Now being back to India I dont see those chic, elegant, pretty everywhere cafes and streets and that’s reality. True fairy tale is those who can spin it out of their reality, accept it and admire it for what it is- Seeing beauty in what is present in front of them and I chose just that!


5 thoughts on “Reminiscing the Fairy tale land called Europe

  1. Interesting though if you don’t think there are beggars on the streets in Europe I’m afraid you’ve not looked closely enough. I’m always intrigued by the different ways people view places depending on whether they are from there or from somewhere else altogether.


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