It has been one hell of a year.  I ran a total of 315 kms. That’s not why it was crazy.


Job changes, unsuccessful relationships, new hobbies, new places to travel to, new friends made- there was a lot going on. I would say the year was tumultuous with a lot of ups and downs.

This was the year I got properly settled in Bangalore. Bangalore finally began to feel like my home.  I moved into a cozy house after my housing fiasco in 2018 (Stayed with a grandma and her house maid in Infantry road, just because it was a prime location, yes).

The year began on a very hopeful note of a positive relationship which suddenly skyrocketed downwards and ended in two months.

It was a year of running, literally and figuratively.  I changed my job and the new office is at World trade center. A really posh building but unfortunately in Yeswanthpur. I used to tease those who lived in Yeswanthpur saying they are living outside Bangalore and karma being a bitch made me work in Yeswanthpur. I decided to stay in Indiranagar and commute by metro. That takes up 2 hours of my time everyday.

I attended a lot of new meetups this year – The quiz, board games, music compositions, couch surfing, concerts (though realized my dislike for concerts). My dog love was at the zenith this year. Came across a lot of dogs!



I don’t know where to begin. This was the highlight of the year. My runs literally saved me each time my life was in despair. I ran, when I got up, when I was sad, when I was happy andI ran during weekends. The best was a trip to Ooty to do the trail run. It was a beautiful run among the mountains. Felt like a bird, but yes the 15 km was taxing.

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Ran my first half marathon- this year (Unthinkable stuff until 2019 -21km in 3 hours). It gave me a lot of confidence.  I ran a race in Thailand too. It was my first race outside India. I went to the breast cancer awareness run (First an all-girls run). Participated in TCS 10K , the most crowded run I have even ran.  Sadly I couldn’t go to Kaveri Trail since I was bedridden due to a flu.

Nauseating November

I had a disastrous November. I had broken up recently then, I caught a flu and got bed ridden. My parents had to come and take care of me for a month.  I turned 27 without a party, at home with my parents. My parents got into Panic mode of  ‘Settle right now’. With no boyfriend this became a tricky situation. Then began an endless tirade by my parents which I had to bear. Thurs unto  the matrimonial sites, the situation wasn’t smooth. I was sad, angry, hopeless for a while after which I decided to fuck it and live life just how I usually do.

I started my blog on Modern Indian’s Struggle with Arranged Marriages


Travelled to Srilanka, Thailand, Andaman. Travel wise it has been good. It was the start of exploring south east Asia.



My friends kept me afloat this year. Made me realize relationship can come and don’t ignore your friends. My friends from quiz, ex-office colleagues, meetups, Indiranagar were there for me. We had a good amount of house parties and dance events.!


Danced heart out at Dandiya celebrations. Went to a few pubs for night outs. Celebrated Halloween with decorations and dress ups. We went to an event too. Baked thanksgiving recipes. Decorated house for Christmas, played secret Santa and board games. Dressed as Wonder women at Comicon. First time I did a cosplay. Lots of people clicked a pic with the wonder women!

Had a wonderful Christmas! with secret Santa and Christmas tree!

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I made my room really cosy (Pink and beige themed). I love my home- with the balcony to have coffee, calm neighborhood, nice flat mates, good locality next to 100 feet road, Bangalore.

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1.Chased by a dog at Srilanka beach when I tried to run at 6 am

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2.Dressed as Wonder woman with a costume made by myself (gift wrappers and chart papers


3.Scuba dived in Andamans.

Was Super scared of waters, thought I was gonna lose the pipe and be filled with water and drown. Fortunately did not happen and boy, the deep sea was just fascinating.


4.Vacated my old house in 1 hour. Literally pushed all my clothes in a bedsheet, wrapped it, booked an ola and left.

5. Ran 21kms and did not break a leg. Went for a brunch after my half marathon72661860_677732489431360_6652680659607224320_n6.Went through breakups, Turned 27 single and totally decided to fuck it all and enjoy life.!


7.Stomped grapes at the vineyard and had one hell of a wine tasting session that knocked me out


8.Ran a 10 km at 4 am in the morning at Bangkok.


9.Took a night road trip to Ooty with two friends (called one of them impromptu) and ran the trail run. My two friends ran a 5 Km too! That’s the highlight


10.Had alligator meat at Thailand


I travelled to my 20th country this year!

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