Tinder tips for guys

This is an extension of my quora answer

You never get a second chance to make the first impression.

This applies very well to this 21st century dating app ‘Tinder’

Tinder is a microcosm of real life. You scan someone and in a second you make a decision on whether they are datable or not.

In Tinder you make that decision in a split-second.

Maximising the probability of swiping you right is in your hands, though you actually getting swiped right is her hands.

Here is how to not jeopardise your splitsecond chance of getting swiped right

1.Have a good quality DSLR pic as your profile pic

Blurred pics, showing your back, ambiguous group pics just show how much you dont care. If you dont care , she wouldnt care as well to swipe you right.

2.Have more than one picture. Begin and end with the best pictures of yours

People tend to get scared to see just one picture of yours , that too turning sideways. What if you dont have the other side of your face or something. Have three to four good pics just so people might go through them if they are curious.

Dont have a progression of pictures that keep getting worse. You caught someones attention and now convinced them to swipe you left

3. Have one picture with either of these to cover a wide audience

  • The one with a dog/puppy/cat
  • The one where you skydive/Scubadive/jetski
  • The one showing your abs or six packs (If you have any, else please dont, thats too wannabe). Else one in a blazer (equally hot)

4. Write something about yourself

Atleast write the archetypal ‘ Hey, Im a traveller, adventurer, bookworm, food freak, here to meet interesting people’. Dont leave this blank.

Its like an interviewer asking you ‘tell me about yourself’ and you refuse to answer the question.

That said do not write things that will convince people to swipe you left ‘Only looking for a serious relationship; If you are not going to text back after swiping right buger off’

5. When you text, don’t come off as too clingy, pushy, obnoxious, aggressive.

You might get unmatched more quicker. Talk like you would to a friend but with mild pick up lines.

6. All said, people have preferences. All you could do is to maximise your chances of getting swiped right. From there it depends on your communication skills to get a date.

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