Holi Hungama

I attended the Holi celebration by the Holiland on march 3rd. Paid 30 Pounds for the ticket. Never did I imagine it would turn out this awful!

9:40 PM

I was the first one to arrive at 940 PM. My friends who were to arrive at 9 told me they hadnt even started from their houses. I was stranded inside (as there was no re-entry)

I did not know there were going to be colour powders involved in this celebration. they threw some on my coat and I decided its time to check in my jacket.

10:15 PM

The jacket hanging costed 5 pounds and they gave me a tiny paper token. I stood in one corner of the warehouse waiting for my friends. It was  actually a warehouse with no heating. I wore a summer shirt, sleeveless and I was freezing to death.  I went to the toilet and parked myself there for half an hour staying warm.

10:40 PM

It was an hour since I came and there were no sign of my friends. One group of friends were trying to get in for 30 mins, I dint know what took them so long. I decided to leave. It was time to get my jacket and leave. I searched for my coupon and I had lost it. I went to the coat staff who were assamese girls. They said without the token they cant get my coat out. My cards, ID, Keys, Oyster cards were there.

11:30 PM

I was describing my coat to them and that I had a pink bag with it. They would look for 5 mins and give up. My begging them and they giving up went on for an hour. My friends werent there yet.  The queues just kept increasing. I waiting in queue 5 times

12:00 AM

Found on friend. Got his coat and told him I will check it in. Again failed. I regretted every moment of my coming there. Coming early, coming on my own, removing my jacket, all of it. I hate holi colours. Thinking I need to get rid of it gave me creeps.

1:00 AM

I called up my friend and she told me to cry in front of them and beg. I went and told them I needed the jacket else I wont leave. They told me to wait till 4 AM. I told them no way. They checked and found mine. I cursed god on why it couldnt have been found early. I checked in my friends jacket and went in to give to him. Was there for a while. Dj was playing awful sleepy english songs. I decided its time to leave. I had been sprayed with colours and jacket was marred now. I met sunaina , my senior and was dancing.

2:30 AM

Creeps started coming. Drunk guys who were touchy. We were changing places to avoid them. I decided to call it a day. I bid goodbye and left to bus stop.

3 :00 AM

Took bath. Washed clothes. OMG when will this night end!.Dried my hair to not catch a cold. Slept in bed. Disturbed sleep

11: 40 AM Morning!

I felt alone when I was in trouble. I felt like I made a mistake losing my token, but I had made worse mistakes that day in retrospect.  I am on a recovery mission. I was trying to run before I could walk. I need to take it slow!

Mean while my coat is lying there soaked in holi colors.


2 thoughts on “Holi Hungama

  1. Now a time to learn… So you can know what,who,where faith & true are hidden…. tell you thanks to all….But remember you are adventures path…..


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