A Weekend at King’s Lynn, UK

A weekend getaway is the best way to take a short break . When my thesis was going no where and Cambridge was becoming too monotonous I decided to take a weekend off and travel solo to King’s Lynn. The town, known until 1537 as Bishop’s Lynn, is a seaport and market town in Norfolk, England

King’s Lynn is a hour away from Cambridge and the round trip costs just 10 pounds (Train ride with railcard). I booked an Airbnb apartment with hosts who owned three cats! (One of the main reasons I went there)


Two of the cats were old (Aged 20 years ) and the third one was just 11 months old. They loved eating all the time, being stroked and sleeping in cosy sofas. I had a great time playing with them (nothing better than cat therapy for the stressed), followed by a terrible cat hair allergy that gave me cough,cold and red eyes 😛 . I changed my mind about owning a cat after that.

I went around the town which was small and can be traversed by walking. Here are some sights to see

1.King’s Lynn Minster

UK is doted with Cathedrals and churches. The king’s lynn church is beautifully built in the center of the city and has intricately decorated interiors.



 2. Lynn Museum

Not a big fan of museums so went for a stroll inside. Its just next to the bus station and is impossible to miss this.

3.Hall of the guild of the holy and undivided trinity.

It was an exhibition with fancily dressed people. In the Regalia room are displayed the King John’s cup, the Red Register which is the oldest paper book in the world, a unique collection of charters, a sword of state and four maces.[1]


4. Sunday Market places

Fresh fruits and vegetables are sold at the local market for  for cheap prices. There are lot of shopping places around the town.

5.Fen Rivers Way

There is a river that flows between the town (splitting it into west and east lynn) before it joins the sea. There is a ferry service between the two ends of the town.



Airbnb Experience

The hosts were super friendly and told me stories about their travel. They were kind enough to pick me up from the market place to their home when I lost my way. They were a couple who decided to start renting their rooms on Airbnb just three weeks back. They let me play with their cats who were lovely. The hosts let me help myself to tea, coffee  and toast when ever I wanted.

They had the best bathtub setup I have ever seen with bath salts, bubble bath, frizz and candles.


I ordered biriyani for dinner and read my favorite book ‘Palace of illusions’ at their porch. It was one relaxing stay.


Travelling solo

This is the second time I have travelled solo (First: Visit to Edam, Netherlands). Its a calming experience different from what is portrayed on travel websites.

You have all the time in the world and don’t have to follow a fixed schedule. I went into a massage parlour and did not have to worry about my friends waiting on me. I drank a warm cappuccino at starbucks for about an hour staring at the locals and their pets. I sat at the cathedral and the calming atmosphere relaxed me. I did some shopping as well .  Travelling solo is about treating yourself. When we travel solo , it becomes a journey of self reflection rather than exploring whats on the outside (pretty much similar to travelling with someone close where you discover each other)

But after a point it becomes boring and dull without having someone to talk to and share your experience with.  For me not talking to someone for two days was really tough.

I had visited an all white neighbourhood and for the first time I felt like a foreigner. I suddenly became aware of being the only brown person walking on the street. I got some stares but no racist incidents took place; people in the UK are generally very friendly.

I got my train back to Cambridge in the evening.  The first thing I did was to go to my friend’s place . I talked for 5 hours with two friends. It was a wonderful experience travelling solo but I so missed human company and talking to someone. 😛

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