My Travel Photography gear- Camera and lens I use

Hola everyone!

A Photography kit is essential for good travel photos! When it comes to photography I rely on my good old DSLR 😀


I use Canon EOS 700 D Camera.

It is sturdy and takes good photos in Auto mode. It also has a rotatable screen ! My camera does most of the work for me and I usually use manual mode when I have a lot of time at hand at a location and I can experiment with lighting.


1)Canon EF 50 mm f/1.8

The grand Prime lens!  😀 I use it for taking portrait photos and when I have a colourful intricate background and I want to focus on one specific object. Unfortunately since it is a prime lens I cant use it for landscape photography.  Here is a picture I took with the prime lens and this illustrates it use


See how the flower is in focus but the background is beautifully blurred!

2)EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6

18-55 mm is the normal lens that comes along with the camera. Its an ideal general-purpose standard zoom. Its four-stop Image Stabilizer provides great performance in low-light conditions. I use this for most of general landscape and wide angle photography.  Here is a photo I took using this lens. It captures many a detail in the photo.

The colourful streets


I have the long tripod and the short one in my possession but I hardly use the long tripod.

My shorter tripod looks like this. It is compact and can be carried around on trips.

I use a nice cushiony bag for my camera and lens.

Lens cleaning kit

I have a lens cleaning kit which I use to clean the lens and brush away the dust. They can be purchased from Amazon for a cheap price!

Filters for Lenses

I use UV filter on my lenses. It absorbs ultraviolet rays and protects the front lens of the camera lens from scratches, dust and fingerprints

Disclaimer: Most images are taken from google


I love my DSLR  but I feel I could use a lighter camera, especially when I  hike or to beaches. It becomes inconvenient to carry a DSLR when you are planning to do adventure sports. Nonetheless , the clarity is great in a DSLR with very minimal adjustments. It is great for city travel photos.

My Wishlist

  • Go Pro. Everytime I cycle to class I wish I had a Go pro to capture to scenery on the way! Definitely on top of my wish list
  • I wish to buy a wide angle lens in the future (Right now in poverty surviving grad school). Would be great to cover huge ground with a single shot.
  • 50 mm f1.2 Canon prime lens is also on my list. It gives amazing shots!


What camera and lens do you use? Please do share, I am curious to know! 🙂

6 thoughts on “My Travel Photography gear- Camera and lens I use

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