Versatile Blogger Award

I am excited to announce that I have been nominated for The Versatile Blogger Award by Neha (the blogger of Happily tanned). I met Neha on wordpress and have become a fan of her blog since then. Neha likes to blog about experiential travelling and gives informative tips. She tries to  understand the traditions and cultures of places she goes to and write beautifully about them.

You can check her travel stories at her blog Happily tanned. A big thank you to Neha for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award.

This is how it works – by accepting the Versatile Blogger nomination you must:

  • Thank the person who gave you the award and include a link to their blog
  • Share 7 things about yourself
  • Nominate 15 bloggers who inspire you

Here are 7 things about me

1.What type of traveller am I- I am a backpacker and a frequent weekender


I am not a big fan of luxurious travels, on the contrary I  like stay my prudent in my travels and experience more with spending less-In other words I like to stay out of my comfort zone. Thats the core philosophy of life itself- to experience something new always everyday. I like to take every opportunity  there is to travel – so I do frequent weekend or 3-4 day travels. I dont do a long month long travel which bores me. I like to plan the most efficient travel itinerary. I take every opportunity to meet new people ! I am a big extrovert.

2.I am a big foodie.


For the love of food! ❤

I am always curious about the local cuisine any place I land. Its a blessing I am a non-vegetarian 😀 as I know the problems faced by vegetarians 😛 . I try one costly good meal of the place when I travel and minimise the cost of food expenditure other times.

I love indian food the most. That said now having lived abroad for a year I can adjust to any type of food. As much as I love biriyani and aloo paratha I now like an authentic english beakfast too (Yummy bacon,beans and hash browns) 😛 

  1. I love cooking


Foodie and a cooking lover, a bad combination for a person who wants to lose weight like me. (Now that I am a grad student the statement no longer applies, I eat what I can find and spend my time doing assignments).

I jump at every opportunity to try and cook every possible dish I think of. My specialty is chettinadu dishes 😛 

I cook both north Indian and south Indian dishes with equal fervour! 😀

4. It was my secret desire to travel ever since I was in school.


I joined IIT madras with dreams of working a job  abroad. That dint work out as soon as I graduated, but when I was 22 I got to travel to my first country outside, Malaysia. And it was a god given opportunity when my manager gave me a chace to work in Amsterdam  and  I have been exploring places ever since. 😀  My desire to travel still persists. It has also made me fonder about home.

5.The favorite places I have travelled to are Santorini and Amsterdam.


 Amsterdam, what can I say. It has captured my heart. Im in love with the city. The canals, the cheerful atmosphere, autumn trees 😀  I would love to live there for another year!!!


I love the white and blue houses on santorini , the deep blue mediterranean waters and surealism of the place.  Hoping to visit there again.

6.I love photographing places I go to.


It is my desire to share with the world the beautiful places I see and inspire others to travel. It is not to make people jealous. 😛 I have a Canon 700 D and  two lenses 50mm and 85mm. I ma still a noob with the camera. if my pictures are good its probably the good lens (50mm) I use !

7.I dont like travelling solo

I travel with my friends most of the times or with my family.

I am not a big fan of travelling solo. I really want to talk to someone when I travel. I have travelled solo, it is empowering and I am good at taking care of myself, you need to be vigilent all the time and a grown girl , you cannot whine. One main reason I like traveling with someone is I feel pampered, I like talking a lot and it is fun sharing what you feel with someone than keeping the joy to yourself. 😛

The bloggers I nominate for their amazing blogs are:

  • The Shooting Star – Shivya Nath writes about experiential travel. She connects with the locals and gives a good summary of here experiences. Love her writing.
  • World of Wanderlust–  I refer to here blog for any queries I have on blogging, instagram, photos ! I am such a big fan of her photos. Such amazing, inspiring photographs of the places she goes to. She has recently started her own bakery too!
  • The BlondAbroad– I follow her on facebook and her blog. She is a very energetic  and enthusiastic traveller. She has an engaging blog. She has started vlogging recently. Looking forward to it!
  • Snow melts somewhere– I love their posts on travel photography. OMG im memsmerised by her works!
  • Tripping over the world– Theirs is a blog  dedicated to travel news, tips, and adventures. It is a very informative blog about travel.
  • untravelled routes– They are a couple who travel. Untraveled Routes is aimed at helping avid travelers to discover and unravel travel treasures.Such great posts about the places they have been to. Also in their blog they mention they love to archive their travel stories in craft handmade albums. I too do the same too!
  • Travel with Neelima– She is a avid traveller who quit her job to travel. I follw her facebook page The Wandering Soul’s Wander Tales. Amaxing photos and posts about her Indian travels. Makes you see India in a new light
  • Travelling the world solo– It has stories about one girl exploring the big world. Excellent solo travel tips and new prespectives on solo travel I get when I read her post.
  • Oneika  the traveller – I follow her fb page and her blog. She is an enthusiastic traveller. She shares some interesting stories and tip
  • Nomadic Matt– He is amazing. I refer to his blog for any tips I need how to travel.

Happy blogging 😀

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