Last minute packing tips before your flight

Sometimes you are so held up with work or you passed out during a party and got just h.jpga few hours to pack- Here are some last minute tips to pack before your flight.

First and foremost thing you need before you travel is a good travel bag. Invest in it ! I have a travel bag from Quechua shown on right(Purchased at Decathlon). It is designed for backpacking and easy to carry around. I mostly use only this while I travel and have no check in luggage.  So Lets assume you have just a few hours before you can leave for airport. Here are the things you need


1.Travel documents- Passport-Visa-Ticket

These are the three most essential documents which let you enter the airport. So make sure you have them with you.With these you can get your boarding pass at the airport even if you hadnt checked in. So just keep these three in a passport holder

2. Charged Cellphone and power bank

A good cell phone (with good battery backup ) can save your ass when you travel. You will need it to check in ( get boarding pass), save travel itinerary, access hotel reservations, navigate places.

If you have a power bank do take it as you cant search for a power source, sit there and charge your phone in an alien place. Better to invest in good capacity power banks. Make sure you take your charger too.


Have a pouch with necessary toiletries. These include

  • Face wash
  • Brush and paste
  • Comb
  • Tablets-I take paracetamol, Cetrizine,Lopramide, Vicks.
  • Beauty items-BB cream, lipstik, mascara, kajal, lipbalm
  • Female hygiene products
  • Rubber bands and pins

Important: make sure these are not more than 100ml each. If you carry them in hand luggage they will be thrown out. Once my sunscreen and deo got frisked due to the quantity restriction 😦

4.Source of cash

This is really important when you travel to another place.It could be your husband or boyfriend too . Make sure you have credit cards, Debit cards or cash in some form before you leave. If you have local currency, it can be exchanged at the airport.

5.Pair of clothes

Stuff some undergarments and a pair of clothes. Worst case you can buy some clothes in a market at the new place.  When in Hurry  dont overspend time on clothes; You might forget more important things.


6. Wear comfortable clothes for a flight

This is a tip while going to airport. Just because you see people in sophisticated clothes at e airport doesnt mean you have to wear them too. It is advisable to go in comfortable clothes especially  when you will be travelling long (You will need to stretch or fold your legs to sleep). Also you need to walk a lot in airports to reach your gate so pointed heals are not a good option. If you need it at your destination it is better to carry them in your hand baggage.

7. For long flights pack a Travel pillow

I always clip my travel pillow to my bag when I travel. It helps me to sleep when in plane.

8. Camera or selfie stick

If you are a photographer or like your photos getting clicked take a camera or a selfie stick

So here is the complete checklist


The most useful versatile item that comes in handy is your cell phone.I download offline maps and navigate using them in a new place. I have my itineraries and reservations downloaded in the phone. I feel a laptop is too bulky to carry when you travel. And unnecessary as I come back to room very late at night. Before I sleep I put my phone on charge to use it the next day.

If I have forgotten something in the list of stuff to be packed in the last minute please bring it up in comments.

3 thoughts on “Last minute packing tips before your flight

  1. Great post! I completely agree with your list! When it comes to travel, having a cellphone is a powerful tool. Like you said, I keep most of my boarding passes, bookings, offline maps, and photos of important docs there.


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