Visiting the Bengalurean Rangoli Metro flea market

At the Rangoli Metro center in Bangalore vibrant stalls were setup and we got a chance to witness them and click vivid pictures.

Right from natural handmade soaps, to paintings, sketches, illustrations, and other handmade upcycled products (like painted bottles and upcycled old carton box sheets) – you’ll be able to pick them all at the stall.

The place was bustling with kids pointing at the various artworks displayed. There was a ‘Queen of sheeba game going on’ for the children. People were crowded around the display of churans and golis and tasting the sweet, salty, spicy delights.


It was delight to the eyes seeing the craft works displayed. Handmade jewelry were a plenty and the chumkas were intricately decorated to make them even more appealing. You will not pass by without trying out a few.


There were hand made lamps and those made of paper too. There were curious craft works like hand-made albums, sanitary napkin pouch, modi jackets, Two in one scarf and necklace. We also found a man sketching live portraits.

There werent many food stalls set up but a few which had cupcakes, pastries and cotton candy. There is a restaurant at the end of the long stretch of stalls.  One stall particularly of interest was the one where alcohol bottles were recycled into vases and bowls.


Below are some photographs of the event. The fascinating aspect of this flea market in contrast to ones I have been to abroad is its vibrant colours which is an asset to every photographer.

Chickens in a line


The carefully stacked Kurtis


Ornamented indigenous handicrafts


Colourful chumkas



The event took place on July 2nd and 3rd at  Rangoli – The Metro Art Center, Mg Road, Bangalore


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