Sepang Gold Coast- Maldives of Malaysia

Sepang , a town near KL, houses the iconic Palm Tree Resorts along the Straits of Malacca. It is designed based on the famous Bora Bora resorts in Maldives. The Avani sepang resort shelters around 400 luxuriously appointed sea villas that shape a palm tree.

How beautiful is Sepang

Sepang Gold Coast is a stunning Malaysian resort with better than perfect overwater bungalows.Here are some pictures we took on our weekend trip. The only downside to it is that the water is murky. It is not as clear as in Maldives. Also during the day the water retreats back  which prevents you from certain activities like Kwaking but during high tide in evening it is back to normal.

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Where is Sepang

Sepang  is a town and district located in the southern part of the state of Selangor in Malaysia. Sepang takes about 1-2 hours from KL central. It makes for an accessible holiday destination for those in KL .There is no public transport to/from this resort.


Cost of stay

Double rooms cost 10k rs per night and shared villas cost upto 25K rs.  You will not find rooms cheaper than 10K. Two residents are allowed in a double room.

What to do in Sepang

Sepang Gold Coast is a place to chillout and relax. An ideal beach holiday destination.


The Resort has a lot of activities to offer. We arrived there on a Saturday morning. We registered at the reception. The staff handed us a pamphlet containing all the activities. We  began our day with a cycling tour.We were shown around the resort with short stops for a photo break. It took us an hour. There was also an advanced cycling tour but we did not go for it

2.Relax by the beach

There were thatched huts on the beach to relax. We hit back with a drink (coconut water) under the huts.


3.Infinity Pool

We had our lunch at a ‘Selat bar’ and decided to go swimming.They have this amazing Infinity pool facing the sea!! Whoa. We had a one of a kind swimming experience.

The infinity pool facing the sea

4.Go Kwaking and fly kites

The place is built on shallow waters. So the water retreats back in the afternoon and during high tide the water level rises. That’s when the kwaking begins.We took a kwak and went into the sea for about a few meters . We rowed for half an hour and returned back as my friend got sea-sick. There were kites to fly in the sky which seemed like a good pass time at the beach.

The Kwaks on the beach

5.View the romantic sunset

In the evening we went to view the sunset. One of the blogs quoted it is good to view sunset from ‘ Trunk 5’ but we could not see the sun that day as it was cloudy. Our bad. But viewing the sunset from trunk 5 is supposedly very romantic!

Watching the sunset from the balcony

6.Listen to some live music by the pool

From 7 Pm they had live music at the bar inside the resort by the infinity pool. We enjoyed our dinner but felt the music was a bit loud.  We had a peaceful sleep after a lazy sunny day.

In the morning I got some time in the balcony to experience the floating design of the resort as the huts were built on stilts over the water .You can see the sea beneath your feet between the wooden logs. It was surreal!

7.Go Karting

One activity you could try at the resort is the ‘Go karting’ . They have a good race car track.

Also Sepang is famous for its dragon fruit farms. It is worth a visit.

I purchased some summer clothes at their boutique. We had some Malay food with coconut water for lunch and checked out of the resort. We had a real vacation experience at Sepang. A vacation I had been longing for ages. I usually travel with a tight schedule to cover X places in Y amount of time. This time I chilled out and had a peaceful time with less travelling around.

Chillax! B|


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