Things no one tells about Amalfi Coast

Things no one tells you about Amalfi coast!

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  1. Transportation to and within Amalfi is a big headache

The chauffer drive service is 400 Euros which is very expensive. A car driver approached us and offered a ride from Pompeii to Salerno at 100 euros when the bus ride was 2 euros.

The SITA bus is the cheapest means of transport hence it is overcrowded. We could hardly get a place to stand in the buses. The last bus back to Sorrento was at 8 PM and it was full beyond capacity when we arrived at bus stop. We pushed our way it and the door had to shut us all hanging on the footboard into the bus. The bus was jam packed. We were shocked when on our way back the driver hit a wall while turning along a hair pin turn and the window glass shattered. Very dangerous ride indeed. SITA bus is preferred because the day pass is 8 Euros

Sightseeing tours

There is the hop on Hop off buses which cost 5 euros per ride but frequency is less. You will on average make 8 trips within the coastal cities so it was cost around 40. The number of seats is less in these buses.

  1. A day is not enough for covering all the villages

You will see in websites or tour packages offering a day trip to Amalfi coast. A day is not enough for covering all the villages. These are the typical times between villages. If you start from Sorrento and come back you will spend 5 hours just to and from Sorrento and another 3 hours travelling within villages. The bus timetables are such that you get a bus every one hour. So you cannot afford to lose your bus. At least 2-3 days are required !

  1. Be half an hour before schedule for catching a bus

Our bus to Positano from Amalfi was at 5 PM .We went at 4:50 PM and we were informed that the bus was full and we have to wait for the next bus. We waited for about an hour and then a huge crowd now gathered within this hour. Now again a group of people were left behind at 6 PM.

  1. The villages are over crowded on Holidays

My mood was off in Amalfi because I all I saw was a big group of people. I regretted going there on Easter. I could hardly stand in a place to pose for a photo . There were numerous group tours that day and people were moving past us in huge numbers. Maybe because it was Easter holidays we faced a big crowd. It is safe to go to these places off season.

  1. Capri is not for those who have sea sickness

There are numerous ferries connecting the villages. Also there is a fast ferry to the Capri Island. It is not for those with sea sickness. We have been in typical slow boats or cruises. These boats are bumpy and they jump on water. I had a floating sensation for a day after getting out of the ferry from Capri. Numerous people puked after exiting the Blue gretto on a row boat.

To know more about Capri Island visit my Post 

  1. The trip involves a lot of walking

The villages have small streets that have to be walked after getting down at the bus stop. There are some stairs to be climbed too. Also in you want to hike you better be prepared.

  1. It is overpriced

Be it the chauffeur drive, food, stay all are overpriced here. The people of the village live on tourism. If you search hotels or Airbnb apartments you can see for yourself the cost of staying here. That’s why most people stay in Sorrento or Salerno and commute here. But this makes it very tedious. You must make a trade-off between both! We managed to find a cheap Airbnb apartment in Maiori.



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