Peaking the Mt.Titlis at Switzerland

I travelled to Switz with my parents as a  part of our Euro trip. We went there on July of 2015. We reached Lucerne, Switzerland in the evening and went to an Indian Hotel. You would soon release that Switzerland is a really costly place when you enter a restaurant. A gravy for 35 Euros! We had a rather expensive meal that day!

Next morning we drove to Foot hills of mount Titlis in Engelberg . Along the way the scenery is mesmerizing. The green mountains and the beautiful houses makes the place absolutely romantic . The water in the lakes shine like crystal and it is pure white! I have never seen such pure water in my life. It comes directly from the glaciers above the hill.


We reached the foothills of Titlis. We boarded the cable car (4 seater) which took us up to an intermediate point in the hill. There we were made to wait in a long line. We then boarded a big cable car where about 50 of us were boarded and sent up to another point. From there we boarded the Rotair, a 360 degree rotating cable lift which gives you a panoramic view of the mountains. There also 40 of us were boarded at one go. You need to run and get a place near the glass or  you will be struck in the middle!

Finally after switching many means of transport we reached Titilis. It was an expanse of snow. Surprisingly it was warm and I felt sultry in my red sweater. There was a picture board of Sharukhan and Kajol at the swizz peak (Bollywood reference). People were busy clicking pictures! . We played with the snow and built a snow man. Then explored the region a bit. There was a sliding park where you can slide sitting on a small plastic seat and there is escalator to pull you up.


There is the ice flyer which is a must try out. It feels like flying over the snow. There is also the walk on the net above the mountain. It costs 20 swizz francs. We skipped it.

We also visited the ice sculpture museum which is a floor below by lift. There is extremely cold and we could not stay in for more than 10 mins.

We dint like to leave but sadly had to. We came down changing three means of transport. At the bottom of the hills at the entrance there is an Indian fastfood place which sells vada pavs and idly. We had a nice snack after you mountain break. When we were back to Lucerne we had a stroll along the streets and did some shopping for souvenirs.

Switzerland is a beautiful and a  romantic place to visit !

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