The ups and downs of Short stays

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The thought that we are going to be struck at a city for the rest of our lives makes us depressed. The idea of it makes us numb and careless about what is at hand. We postpone even the most famous place in town for later because- hell, we are going to be there forever . On the contrary if we are given an opportunity to travel to a place shortly be it a day or  months to one year- a finite defined period then we feel a tinge of excitement in this sojourn. Because we know it is going to end and we know we need to make the most of the time.

The amount of energy you have in a trip is inversely proportional to the length of the trip

You want to get the maximum from the short time you have. You focus on the best that is available. There is no room for lethargy. I have seen my mom and dad running around hectically from one museum to another tirelessly since we have just one day to spend in the place. On the contrary they prefer staying indoors almost all weekends in Chennai barely moving a muscle until it is absolutely necessary. Some of my friends whose lives are perfect – in the sense they have a nice job, good relations, a happening city, handsome salary – feel low all the time because they say something is lacking from their life. They feel no urge to visit places around them because nothing is at stake

I got the perfect mix

I was given an opportunity to travel to Amsterdam for 6 months- it is neither a short trip nor a long trip .I felt it was perfect- to see the place, live in it, living a life of a tourist and a resident.

While I was enjoying my short stay in Netherlands I felt an aspect of it was missing. The lack of my motivation to form deep connections. I knew I was going to leave- I felt pained if I was developing a lasting friendship because I would soon be gone. This is a problem all travelers and people who keep shifting to different places face. What they lack is the connection you get by rearing years of friendship.

What do you desire?


All along I was yearning to get out of boredom of being at one place indefinitely and travel ;now all of a sudden I want to be at a place a little longer, build real relations and nurture them. I learned not to take things for granted just because you are bound to a place but to enjoy every day as if it were last. 🙂


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