Visit to Muiden Castle

The day started with a rather enthusiastic preparation for a photwalk along the canal roads in Amsterdam. We arrived at the spot just to find out the meet up was the next day and we had seen the date wrong. But this did not stop us from seizing the day 😀 Since we had our DSLRs with us we decided to go to a village in Amsterdam or the nearby city to click some pictures. We decided on Muiden , which has a beautiful castle named “ Muiderslot”

When we arrived at Muiden an unfortunate incident took place. Ambuj hit himself against a ceiling hanging  on his head and there was so much blood shed. The Bar owners came running giving us ice, tissues, bandaid. He fainted and we were in panic; we called the doctor and he finally woke up. We rested for about half an hr before we proceeded to the castle.


he castle’s entry costed 13 Euros which included a guided tour in Dutch . The castle had  furnished rooms from the prince’s time. A medieval aura filled the castle as we entered different rooms such as the castle kitchen, prince’s chamber, court hall.We even saw creepy paintings and instruments which said a story of a bakery which would cut of people’s head and bake it in an oven and replaced it if they were not satisfied with their original, but this resulted in hot headed people. Fabulous myths 😛


We also saw the battlements on the castle climbing a flight of narrow steps. We visited the gardens nearby which had a tunnel shaped entrance


The castle was  a tiny beautiful piece of medieval architecture. We clicked numerous pics inside and outside the castle. Good thing we had a kit lens and a prime lens we had a variety of pics to take. It was a good day trip. We returned around 7 back home. It was an eventful day at muiden.

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