Light Painting Photography workshop

Recently attended a Photowalk in Amsterdam in which  Long exposure or slow shutter speed photography  was taught by Guston, the event organiser.


The settings we used are:

Shutter speed: 20 Secs; Aperture: F8; ISO: 100

This kind of setting requires a tripod since the camera captures images over a span of 20 seconds and any shaking in camera will reflect in the image.

We waited for night fall and set our cameras up for the Light painting. It is one of the creative ways to use shutter speed feature of camera. A person holds an LED lights in front of the camera, waves with it in any shape he wants; the camera captures the images and forms a beautiful image in the end painted with light

We had colouful LED lights and also christmas lights and enthusiastic volunteers willing to try out new patterns

Here are some of the images we took using the camera

The spinning wheel


The classy girl
With Love from Amsterdam
Dragon Ball Z .
and Unleash the power!
11911643_10153537780974350_2111130902_n (1)
The Smiley face !
The Silhouette man

It was my first photowalk and it turned out to be an absolute stunner . Will attend more of such in future 😀

2 thoughts on “Light Painting Photography workshop

  1. Good to see the results u got. Its always interesting, amusing and enthusiastic to know more n executing that knowledge… Try to shoot in BLUE HOUR, u ll end up composing fab photographs. Whenever come back to India, u can join any group and attend photowalks… 🙂


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