Restaurant hopping at Koramangla

The day was gloomy. I woke up very late on a satuday as usual, had brunch and had a long afternoon nap.This made me brisk in the evening and I had planned nothing. I started to ping people on the phone asking what plans they had.people had already planned for movies or were outside or did not have plans of going out. It was 8 30 PM and I was still at home. My room-mate suggested this crazy idea of going to koramangla and I have never thought about starting after 8:30PM because the distance and off course traffic in Bangalore on a saturday night. But it would be an insult to the saturday if I did not go out, So we got ready to venture out.

Koramangla, the happening place in Bangalore  was awaiting us .Another friend of ours joined us and we went down town bound. Koramangla always intrigues me with its medley of eateries and buzzing night life. We went to twist , a peaceful rooftop in the heart of the town. A place I would suggest to couples for a romantic evening. There is a dance floor on the floor below where you can shake it up after you are done with the dinner. 😀


After having our starters we left in an auto to Truffles. Our bad luck, the kitchen was closed so they did not let us enter (it was 11:30 pm anyway). So we had to walk back to the main road. On the way in the same street we found a punjabi restaurant, Batinda Junction. We hopped in. The place had a subtle ambience with thatched beds as chairs and steel utensils bringing out the flavour of punjabi and an atmosphere of a local dhaba. What struck the most was the hospitality of an over enthusianstic waiter who was asking if the dishes were good . We told him the chicken is over burnt and he told us he wont charge for it 😀 and he gave us gajar halwa. He coaxed us to try the lassi there which he claimed is their speciality. it did taste pretty yummy. We ordered chai which was served in cute mud cups. The bill came out to be 65 Rs , which was a delight. We got to know the venture is new and we hoped they do well in the future.


We walked for another 2 kilometers and  we reached Berry’d Alive, a place where you get cloyed with their desserts. My friends who were fans of chocolate, ordered a ‘Double decker brownie’ , chocolate cake topped with chocolate caramel moose topped with chocolate sauce


Chocolate lovers will sure love it .There is a variety of items on the menu to fulfil a person with a sweet tooth. 😀

We left from there at 12:30 AM. Felt like I had spent the night  to the hearts content!

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