A new life … A new beginning

For a twenty two year old, just out of college, independence is a mixed blessing. On one hand there is freedom to explore and experiment whereas on the there pressure to be self supporting, self sufficient and disciplined.

I see people around me getting married and sharing their pictures dressed in traditional intricate Indian attire, people quitting their jobs , seniors joining start ups because they are bored of corporate life,or starting their own business hoping to achieving something big, I see my friends preparing for CAT, GATE , GMAT , GRE trying to do a masters or an MBA, my close friends battling death of their loved ones.  Unlike college I meet people from different stages of life- Struggling bachelors, couples fighting their problems, married people , working parents juggling life and work, ‘old’ to be retiring people. There is just so much going on you dont have a scale to compare yourself against and you are often lost in self doubts.  In the mad race to be better than the rest , contentment becomes an unattainable target. People want more and more without knowing why they want it.

In the constant struggle of defining what I want to be , I forgot to answer the question ‘ What am I now’. Thats when I chose to live every moment in the present, to enjoy little things in life. I decided to pen down my thoughts, my experiences, to travel and to explore life.

I spent a carefree year after my college in Bangalore, a bubbling metropolitan traffic laden city with thriving night life, urban mixed population and  never ending stretch of food joints.

Much to my surprise, I got an assignment in Amsterdam for 6 months. Netherlands is like Neverland to me , a fairtale world which never ceases to amuse me.When you see the world with new pair of eyes everything is a new sight; an experience to cherish. I feel lucky to spend my days here. I decided to spend each day as if it were the last and from then on i fill my days with experiences which is carefully stack in my book of memories 🙂

“Life is a preparation for the future; and the best preparation for the future is to live as if there were none.”
Albert Einstein

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